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Commercial Building Plans in Southern California

Complete Package Drafting understands the wide-ranging needs of businesses when it comes to their facilities. It’s why we have a reputation for working closely with each of our business customers to develop commercial building blueprints. Whether you’re planning a buildout, tenant improvements or are building a new facility in Southern California, our drafting services ensure you have thorough, detailed plans in-hand.

Tenant Improvement

We complete tenant improvement plans for commercial facilities of all sizes, across a broad range of applications. If you have a tenant moving in that needs comprehensive architectural alterations, call us in to get them drafted. We take into account the needs of our clients and the parameters of facilities to produce plans that are comprehensive, providing remodeling guidance that culminates in satisfactory results.
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ADA Compliance

Commercial building plans need an emphasis on ADA-compliance, and we’re here to provide it. Our familiarity with ADA accessibility guidelines and building codes means we’re always incorporating these features into our plans. Through robust CAD drafting, we’re able to map everything from proper doorway dimensions to ramps and any other accessibility features your facilities need.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Plans

Our MEP plans ensure building utilities are mapped with efficiency, code compliance, accessibility and completeness in mind. We account for existing architecture and develop MEP plans that seamlessly integrate with your facilities, no matter how large they are or what purpose they serve. From commercial businesses to multi-family complexes, we’re the authority on MEP plan development in Southern California.
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Commercial Drafting

No matter the size of your commercial facilities or the scope of work you’re planning, Complete Package Drafting is ready to tackle the initial drafting, so everything can progress according to a cohesive plan. For more information about our approach and capabilities, please contact us today at 818-493-1121.

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