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Foundation Repair and Replacement

If you’ve observed cracks and signs of water damage in your foundation walls, then it may be time to get the necessary repairs carried out. You might need a solution beyond DIY products to fix these faults. And this is where our reliable foundation repair and replacement services shine. We at Complete Package Drafting only design and plan the latest industry-standard solutions for improving the integrity of buildings. 

Noticing signs of foundation damage or cracks?

Your structure’s foundation is exposed to damages and cracks regardless of where it’s located and who constructed it. Our in-house experts are trained to recommend necessary improvements to the foundation without emptying your wallet. They also provide exceptional inspection service in case you’re buying a new home or noticing signs of distress in your current residence. 

Deteriorating foundation can be as a result of drainage damages that have worsened over time. If you’ve noticed a sinking foundation, it could be from poorly compacted soil base or inferior-quality concrete mix used initially. We design and provide repair plans for these damages. And we can determine whether the fault is repairable or requires replacement. 

Precise and cost-effective plan

Our designed process is precise and cost-effective, so you can be sure you’ll get optimal results when you hire us. Our team is very familiar with building codes, and we can get approval from the building department for your foundation repairs and replacement.

Our experts first carry out a detailed inspection of the property to determine the best-suited approach to replace the current foundation. They’ll plan out the shoring process for the building to preserve its integrity. The process is essential so that the existing foundation is not bearing any load when it’s time.

If the old foundation needs to be replaced, then it most likely lacks steel reinforcement, which makes the removal a relatively straightforward process. After that, our professional structural engineers will design a new footing in a carefully dug trench. Before adding the concrete, there might be a need to use high-grade steel reinforcement bars with bolts and wooden frames for easy pouring. We install siding material to the structure after removing the brackets. Depending on the size and design of the house, which we’ll carefully consider, the cost of designing a replacement can vary. But don’t worry, all our plans are affordable.

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Building Code and Approval

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the approval of plans or local codes when you hire us. We’ll get all that handled adequately. Find out more about our services. You can contact us today. We also provide excellent consultation and updates for all your projects. Before setting out to work, our specialists prepare detailed design plans that adhere to local codes, so you can use them to get required permits quickly.

At Complete Package Drafting, we are dedicated to improving the structure of buildings economically, and we’ve been at it for years now. So whatever question you have about the foundation repairs and replacements, our specialists will offer you quality advice on the necessary steps to take to enhance your building’s integrity. We use top-level practices that are guaranteed to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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