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Whether you’re converting an attached or detached garage into a studio, 1-bedroom, or multi-bedroom dwelling, Complete Package Drafting has the knowledge and expertise to streamline the entire process. We have become Southern California’s experts in creating Garage Conversion plans exactly to your specications and totally compliant with your local building standards.

Why choose CP Drafting?

Converting a garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) can generate income and raise your property value signicantly by increasing livable square footage substantially.

Complete Package Drafting is highly experienced in designing and generating all the blueprints necessary for a garage conversion. We have a library of beautifully designed and completely code-compliant ADUs and JADUs and many happy clients.

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Converting a Garage to an ADU or a JADU

An ADU is a second building on your residential-zoned property that can increase your property value and serve as a rental property, housing for extended family, friends, or in-home health providers. ADUs can be rented in the short- or long-term to provide a new income source for property owners. JADUs are additional living quarters but are less than 500 square feet and contained within a residence.

Garage Conversion Types
New Project 8
Detached Garage Conversion
New Project 10
Attached Garage Conversion
New Project 13
Garage Conversion with an Addition

What Your Garage Can Convert to:

Straight Garage Conversion

You can convert your garage to a studio, 1 bedroom, or even 2 bedroom dwelling. Here is how much space you’ll need for each:

White Oak Ave - 250sq. ft.

250 sq. ft. and up required for a Studio

Valerio St - 430 sq. ft.

350 sq. ft. and up required for a 1 Bedroom Dwelling

South La Brea Ave - 526 sq. ft.

525 sq. ft. and up required for a 2 Bedroom Dwelling

El Sol Ave - Detached Garage Conversion

Any attached or detached garage could be converted into an ADU

Any Attached or Detached Garage Can be Converted to one of the above.
Garage conversion with an Addition

If your current garage square footage does not have the minimum requirements for your ideal ADU, you could expand the square footage of the garage in tandem with the ADU conversion.

Designed with the same roof pitch as the existing Garage

New Project 5

A California Roof could be designed to seamlessly blend the addition with your home

New Project 6

A second story could be built to add livable square footage above the garage

New Project 7

If you have any questions on how to get your project started, or are ready to begin and need a quality drafting service to begin the design process, call us at (818) 493-1121 – we would be happy to go over every step of the process.

Complete Package Drafting is committed to getting the job Completed in an affordable, timely manner!

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