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Office – Rec. Room – Storage

Have you considered adding a home office to your home or having a storage room that suits all your lodging needs that can be easily accessible or even having a greatly structure recreation room that can accommodate a variety of purposes?

A well-designed home office

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Adding a home office to your property requires well-designed planning to implement better integration with the rest of the house without tearing up your budget. We also provide necessary approval from the Building Department, so you don’t have to worry about the authorities. We will be helping you determine your needs so that you can create the right home office for your business. It is necessary to consider experts at Complete Package Drafting. We can design it to fit within the property, integrate with the rest of the house, fit within the budget, and provide necessary approval from the Building Department, thereby adding more value to your property. We can create the perfect blueprint and make sure the integration is done professionally- our services are affordable and with lots of experience in the process.

A perfect looking and functional storage

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Thinking of the best way to organize a perfect looking storage room, we provide beyond temporal enclosure and DIY tricks or rather reach out to us for professional and permanent service. We provide quality and efficient plans to ensure your ideal storage is achieved. Our plan involves your desired changes that are done with adequate knowledge and done knowing the code for perfect results, with our plans, you could have electricity and water in the storage, and it will add to your home value.

An entertaining and multipurpose recreation room

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A rec room is outstanding with a professional plan and design to make it look entertaining and serves multipurpose for recreation. Adding a rec room to your home is a fantastic way to boost the value of your property, especially if the rec room is well designed. With our design, plans, building codes we are familiar with a lot of design styles to suit your visions and ideas. Your rec room can be complete when you have your dream room turn to reality, and that’s why we are the right pick for you.

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Need to make some addition to your property? Are you ready to give it an amazing look?  Let us help you realize the dream home; Complete Package Drafting expert will get it out for you. We design, provide blueprints and obtain approval for a home office, storage, and rec room. Start your journey towards a well-made home. Call us today!

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