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MEP Plans in Southern California

The essential utilities of any home or business are central to infrastructure development. Having mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) plans is imperative. At Complete Package Drafting, we orchestrate MEP building plans that ensure efficient layout of utilities, building code compliance and broad accessibility. We’re committed to helping home and business owners throughout Southern California ensure proper distribution of these backbone systems in any building.

We determine the more efficient coordination of essential utilities to ensure they’re seamlessly incorporated into the existing architecture of the building. For example, heating that’s centralized to mitigate radiant heat loss or electrical lines run for optimal circuit formation.

Utilities are subject to stringent building code requirements. We have advanced knowledge of all Southern California building codes and will ensure your MEP plan is in full accordance with these guidelines. This not only ensures expedited approval for permits, it ensures the efficacy of your MEP plan as it’s incorporated with existing architecture.

Constructing an addition to your home? Renovating to change the spatial layout of your facilities? We can remap MEP plans for accessibility, making additions or utility rerouting as simple as possible, without compromising your accessibility to these essential conveniences.

Our MEP plans are complete and thorough, well-labeled and properly diagrammed. In the hands of contractors or developers, they’re easily understood and highly executable. We make it our mission to reduce the time to build from our plans, so you can start enjoying your facilities sooner.

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Complete Package Drafting can answer them! We’re known for creating some of the most informative, accurate MEP plans and strive to provide our clients with everything they need to ensure their home or business’ utilities are properly installed and well-apportioned throughout the building. Reach us today at 818-493-1121 for more information or to begin the planning process.

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