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Multi Family House Plans in Southern California

Multi-family developments present special challenges when it comes to construction, renovations and improvements. To approach your multi-family project with tact and clarity, turn to Complete Package Drafting. We’ve provided multi-family building plans for development and refurbishment projects throughout Southern California, and we’ll make sure the details of your specific project are perfectly encapsulated in cohesive, complete plans.
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Soft-Story Retrofit

Have a building that was constructed prior to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake? It likely needs a soft story retrofit to protect it from seismic activity. We draw up multi-family house plans that emphasize soft story retrofitting in whatever capacity makes the most sense for your building. We can plan to reinforce existing structural walls, anchor new supports or implement steel framing to reestablish the stability of your multi-family development.


Our experience with multi-family building plans extends to condos. Whether you’re remodeling and modernizing or building a new condo development from the ground up, turn to us for drafting services. Our capabilities include everything from single-unit renovations plans to full-complex development blueprints and MEP plans.
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Housing Department Building Compliance

We work throughout Southern California, drafting plans for multi-family developments of all sizes and types. Regardless of the scope or nature of your project, expect nothing short of fully-compliant plans and blueprints when you work with us. Our knowledge of local building codes and ADA-compliance standards makes us the authority on fast-tracking permit approval and expediting your development.

Drafting Expertise

At Complete Package Drafting, our experience drafting multi-family building and renovation plans is exactly what you need to ensure the project gets off on the right foot. From small complexes to massive developments with diverse needs, we’re the premier partner in Southern California for multi-family house plans. Reach us today at 818-493-1121 to consult with our team.

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