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Multifamily Modernization in Southern California

Planning on renovating your condo or bringing it into the modern era through a series of improvements? Turn to Complete Package Drafting before the project starts! We’ll provide you with comprehensive condo plans that encapsulate the details, improvements, changes and unique design elements you want. Our condo blueprints are thoroughly detailed, easily executable and consistent with Southern California building codes, to ensure superior results.

Apartment Renovation and Modernization

From basic improvements to a full-fledged reinvention of your living space, we customize condo plans to fit the scope of your vision. We can help you plan for any renovations within the parameters of your Apartment building codes and ensure all your must-haves are incorporated into plans that receive quick permit approvals.

Whether you’re tearing down walls, remapping your MEP utilities or changing the support structure of a single unit, we bring Experience to the table. Expect plans that reflect your improvements perfectly and incorporate with the broader harmony.

Code Compliance and ADA Accessibility

Our experience drafting condo plans and other multi-family residence blueprints gives us unique insight into how to approach architectural drafting projects for these types of residences. Trust us to factor compliance and accessibility into your condo blueprints, so you get the best of both worlds when the building or renovations commence.

We’ve worked with condo developers, owners and condo board associations throughout Southern California to ensure they receive blueprints that meet and exceed their expectations.

Your Condo

Whether you’re buying a new condo or renovating the one you’ve enjoyed for decades, Complete Package Drafting is ready to put your ideas down on paper. Contact us today at 818-493-1121 to discuss your ideas and to have us undertake the drafting process. We’ll make sure you have the plans that culminate in the condo you’ve always wanted, right down to the smallest details.

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