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Soft Story Retrofitting in Southern California

It’s no secret Southern California is an area prone to seismic activity. And while many local-area residents are familiar with the occasional tremor, what many don’t realize is that their dwellings aren’t adequately protected against seismic activity if they were constructed before the mid 1990s. Older buildings with ‘soft’ foundations are at-risk for damage or collapse and require a soft story structure retrofit to comply with municipal building codes.
Complete Package Drafting has experience drafting plans for soft story retrofits and will help you make sure your dwelling is safe for habitation. We reinforce your home against lateral forces, to ensure it stays strong and stable during seismic events.

Reinforcement Options

The key to executing soft story retrofits is to properly reinforce the lowest stories of a building, to prevent them from collapsing during a seismic event. We approach your structure with an eye for existing architecture and a mind for reinforcing it properly. Often, this includes strengthening existing walls, adding new shear walls or even complementing lower levels with steel framing. We can also draw up plans for anchoring walls to the foundation, for an additional level of strength and stability.

Building Code Compliance

Southern California has strict building codes in regard to soft story retrofits and seismic reinforcement. We’re very familiar with these codes and always draft plans in compliance with them. You can rest assured that our emphasis on proper support is further complemented by plans that receive quick permitting from local municipal building entities.

Keep Your Building

If you live in a home built prior to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, there’s a good chance it may require a soft story retrofit. Consult with the experts at Complete Package Drafting today to have your structure evaluated and to get plans drafted to reinforce and improve stability throughout. Contact us today at 818-493-1121 to learn more about our capabilities..

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